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2022-24 Texas State Conference Officers


Being a fair, inclusive, and transparent leader means embodying principles that promote equity, diversity, and honesty within the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. and the Ladies Auxiliary.

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Fairness entails treating every Claver with impartiality, ensuring that decisions are based on merit and without bias or favoritism. 


Inclusivity involves actively welcoming and valuing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, creating an environment where everyone feels respected and included. 


Transparency means being open, honest, and accountable in communication and decision-making, sharing information openly and making processes clear and understandable to foster trust and collaboration.


As F.I.T. Clavers, we ensure that every member is building a culture of fairness, inclusivity, and trust, fostering a positive and productive environment for all Claver brothers and sisters across the GREAT state of Texas and across the world.

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